Havis Drives Opportunity in 2014


New Year, New Strategies, New Opportunities

Havis is excited to start the new year by further strengthening our partnerships and creating new relationships. With our growing ecosystem of partners, we are able to better focus on the central goals of mobile workforces: to increase productivity while decreasing costs and keeping workers safe. By providing high-quality solutions such as equipment mounting, laptop and tablet docking, computing accessories, transport products, and more, Havis contributes to achieving these goals.

Whether you are a current partner of ours, or perhaps a new one, we encourage you to read on to fully understand why we believe our affiliation with you is mutually beneficial to generate sales opportunities. Our core strategies are below:

  • The Havis Approach: Havis is a key component of a Total Mobility Solution. This includes software to solve the business problem for the end user, hardware to run this software in the vehicle, connectivity to keep workers productive, and integration into back-end systems. It also consists of the docking and mounting solutions for hardware, professional installers for this equipment, and accessories like keyboards and printers to complete the total solution.
  • The Havis Experience: Havis utilizes Creative Solutions, Education, Business Development, Communication, Opportunity Assessment and Quality to provide unsurpassed service and support.
  • Havis Design Philosophy: Havis is defining the mobile workspace by offering high quality products that maximize productivity with comfortable solutions that are built to the highest safety standards.
  • Havis Quality Policy: As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Havis maintains an excellent reputation in the industry for delivering the highest quality products and services. We strive to exceed our own high standards and our customers\’ expectations with flexible, integrated solutions.

Havis is committed to developing and sustaining productive business relationships, and we strive to cultivate loyal partnerships with companies who align with our business approach. If you are interested in working with Havis, we encourage you to fill out the Havis Contact Form to discuss a future partnership and to assess opportunities to accomplish common objectives.