LAPD Reviews Havis Integrated Control System

At this year\’s Police Fleet Expo in Charlotte, N.C., Lieutenant Dan Gonzales of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) provided an overview of the many exciting features of the new Havis Integrated Control System. The above video gives you an inside look at LAPD\’s custom system for their Ford Interceptor Utility.

The following user controls are featured in his overview:

  • Blackout button for the cabin and monitor
  • Illumination button to adjust monitor brightness
  • Mode button that toggles between the Standard Display for OEM AM/FM radio controls and Secondary Video Display for police applications, such as video input, license plate recognition, and computer-aided dispatch
  • Volume controls

Lieutenant Gonzales notes that the elegant, clean display has a factory finish and allows for greater movement in the vehicle while removing some potential dangers, especially in traffic collisions. In addition to improving safety, Havis\’ design maintains and enhances all functionality in the vehicle and provides officers with a better experience during their 10-12 hour workdays.

View the full video above, or check it out on YouTube: LAPD Review of the Havis Integrated Control System.