New Havis Configurator Helps Find Mobile Computing Device Solutions

For years, Havis has helped companies find safe, reliable and ergonomic solutions for mobile workers. Now, we\’ve made that search even easier. 

Havis\’ new Computing Device Configurator helps fleets search for docking and mounting options by device brand, model and size, whether they\’re using a laptop, convertible, tablet, or large format phone.

This user-friendly online tool provides guidance on measuring the width, length and height of a device – including their protective covers – to choose products that fit and function properly from the start.

“When it comes to building a mobile office solution, selecting the right products can be overwhelming,” Keith Steidle, director of business development and marketing at Havis, said in a news release.

“Fleet managers must not only consider a product\’s impact on the safety, comfort and productivity of mobile workers, but also its compatibility with existing equipment. That\’s where our new configurator can save fleet managers time in determining the best solution.”

With the configurator, users get real time access to the latest Havis products, including a new line of universal cradles developed in response to the rise in demand for tablets for the mobile workforce.

This mobile office mounting solutions configurator also identifies Havis\’ docking stations and cradles designed specifically for Apple, Dell, Getac, Lenovo, Microsoft, Panasonic and Samsung devices, among others. Havis works closely with manufacturers to constantly develop new mobile office solutions that maximize functionality and performance.

In addition to the new computer mounting configurator, Havis provides a number of online configurators to help mobile workers find solutions that will fit their device or vehicle specifications.

Our configurators include:

  • Heavy Duty Mount Configurator, used to build a rugged, professional-grade computer mounting solution that balances strength, safety and ultra-smooth operation for reliable functionality in the roughest conditions.
  • Monitor Mount Configurator, which lets you select a mounting solution by vehicle and monitor. The Havis Monitor Mount System utilizes interchangeable parts to mount a monitor to any vehicle, without permanent modification.
  • Equipment Bracket Configurator allows you to search brackets based on equipment size. Havis Equipment Brackets secure a wide range of control heads into consoles. New angled brackets keep mounting solutions compact while minimizing permanent modification.
  • Prisoner Transport Insert Configurator lets you identify safe and secure prisoner transport inserts and compartment solutions for Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Nissan NV and Sprinter vans, with optional features for customization.
  • Integrated Control System Configurator allows you to choose proper base and console packages for a vehicle. The space-saving Havis Integrated Control System creates a safe and efficient work environment for Ford Police Interceptor Utility and Sedan dashes without permanent modification.
Havis is committed to educating customers on product safety in mobile computing, resolving complicated vehicle computing needs and handling the most demanding jobs.
Our representatives work hand-in-hand with customers to provide product information, installation support, updates on industry testing and validation requirements.
It\’s our goal to guide clients to the right solution – whether a universal cradle for a computing device, or a fully-integrated control system installed in a vehicle\’s dashboard – so they can solve diverse challenges in the field.

Contact us today to learn more about how Havis can find solutions for your mobile workers.