VIDEO: Introducing Our Universal Rugged Cradle For 7-9″ Computing Devices

While many of us need computers to do our jobs, not every job is the ideal environment for delicate computing devices.

That’s why Havis is pleased to introduce its new universal rugged cradle to protect 7-inch to 9-inch computing devices.

This is a high-value, non-electronic computing solution, customizable to fit your mobile requirements.

The UT-301 universal rugged cradle can be used both vertically or horizontally.The UT-301 universal rugged cradle:

  • Is compatible with a large variety of 7-inch to 9.25-inch computing devices
  • Offers easy to use, unique three-point adjustment for ultimate versatility
  • Is made from high performance pc-ABS thermoplastics, resulting in outstanding strength, heat resistance, feature definition, and surface finish
  • Features leg retainers made from fiber-reinforced polymer for extra durability
  • Has an overall footprint that maximizes space inside your mobile workplace, rounded corners and edges for added safety in case of potential accident, and an easy-to-use latch handle for added safety and security inside your vehicle
  • Features a cable strain relief hole to allow for safe and secure power connectivity, and a lock for peace-of-mind theft deterrence

Finally, Havis highly recommends protecting devices with a cover. For accurate solution options, measure devices with cover on.

For a closer look at the UT-301 universal rugged cradle, watch the video clip above. And don’t hesitate to contact Havis to learn more about this and all our mobile office solutions.